Bathmate – The Essential 2020 Guide

Bathmate is the world’s top-selling penis enlargement device. It does not only enlarge and expand your penis, but Bathmate also keeps your penis healthy and helps you fight the beginnings of erectile dysfunction.

Bathmate also gives you the much-needed self-confidence to perform well in the bedroom. With Bathmate, you give yourself and your partner massive satisfaction.

What Is Bathmate?

Bathmate is unique from other kinds of penis extension devices because Bathmate is a hydro-pump product. It works with the principles of hydraulics. The hydro-pump dispenses with the problems that accompany a traditional penis pump. Bathmate fills the penis with blood and expands your erections over time.

The Bathmate is one of the leading penis pumps in the United States and around the world. Bathmate has an excellent track record and has a lot of loyal fans who believe in the pump’s effectiveness.

How Does Bathmate Work?

Your penis has three chambers: two large layers on top (Corpora Cavernosa) and a smaller chamber at the bottom, which you ejaculate and urinate from (Corpus Spongiosum).

As your penis becomes erect, your brain produces a hormone that releases blood to your penis and fills erectile tissue. The Corpora Cavernosa’s blood spaces fill to the max, thus, causing an erection.

This is where Bathmate comes in. The Corpora Cavernosa can still be developed stronger and larger with Bathmate. As you use Bathmate frequently, your penile blood vessels become larger, which allows more blood to flow through and fill up the tissue.

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The pump base is meant to allow a certain compression force to achieve optimal expansion and to encourage minimum discomfort and maximum growth. The more Bathmate forcefully releases water, the more your penis tends to expand. The created vacuum force also becomes higher.

There’s also a water pressure balance maintained. Your penis cannot be pushed into the ‘dangerous’ pressure zones that can lead to damage, which comes with other penis extension devices.

Bathmate is filled with water, sealed and positioned at the base. As the Bathmate pump system is compressed, water is expelled. This creates the area and volume inside the Bathmate. As the compression pump stops, a valve (non-return) closes and stops water to flow to the Bathmate device.

Bathmate Pros and Cons

Like most penis enlarger products, Bathmate comes with its own set of positive points and negative points.

However, you will be delighted to find out that the positives outweigh the negatives.


  • You don’t need surgery to use Bathmate.
  • Compared to other methods, your penis will expand quickly.
  • Water may help your skin to stretch easily.
  • Your erections may become harder.
  • The vacuum is top-notch.
  • Bathmate is easy to use and is discrete.
  • You can get visible and fast results in 15 minutes.
  • Compared to alternative methods, Bathmate is competitively priced and affordable.
  • It can increase your partner’s sexual pleasure.
  • It can help make more powerful male orgasms.
  • It can help with erectile dysfunction.
  • It’s comfortable – unlike wearing a device under your pants for four to six hours a day.


  • It’s time-consuming. The whole process can be boring as doing the penis enlargement process can take a lot of time.
  • It needs water. You have to use it in a shower or bath. If you use the device without liquids, you won’t get satisfactory results.
  • It needs to be re-pumped. While you use the product in your tub, you have to frequently re-pump it to keep proper suction power.

Inside Bathmate

Bathmate is relatively more affordable than other leading brands. Thus, you won’t hesitate to order even the most expensive package at $299.95 – the Platinum Package. This set has everything you need to make you maximize your Bathmate pumping session.

The Platinum set includes a shower strap, a cleaning kit, gun oil h2o 4oz, a Monkey Spanker, and a choice between the Bathmate Hercules or Hydromax device.

The Hercules is the longest-selling and most affordable Bathmate hydro-pump, which is suited for use in both the bathtub and shower. A lot of users suggest the Hercules before graduating on to other Bathmate models.

The Hydromax X30 has more than 50 new features than previous Bathmate models. While its size is similar to the Hercules’s, the X30’s capacity to hold water is higher slightly. Plus, the Hydromax boasts of more suction that makes the penis enlargement process more effective by 35%.

The Hydromax X40 is 15% larger than the Hydromax X30. However, both Hydromax models have the same functions and features.

Another interesting Bathmate product is the Bathmate Goliath, which is meant for users from the adult industry. If you are endowed with a 20-cm penis (erect), this Bathmate is for you. The Goliath package ($193.00) has a complimentary carrying case, a growth gauge, and a shower strap.

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Bathmate Review Conclusion

You can really see some fantastic results while using Bathmate to expand your penis. Plus, the product’s positive points are more than the cons, which are only a matter of frequent re-pumping or water usage.

Whether you use Bathmate to get hard before sex, or you use it for the long term to see girth and length gains, you will be highly satisfied with the product.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety & Side Effects
  • Product Quality
  • Value for Money