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PeniMaster PRO Review: The German Extender (Best Price)

The fact that it originated from Germany is indicative of the quality of PeniMaster Pro, one of the leading male enhancement devices on the market today.

Designed to provide a permanent increase in penis length and girth in a convenient and safe manner, the male extender can be expected to deliver the following:

  • Harder and more potent erections
  • An effective remedy for various erection problems in men
  • Adding several inches in penis length as well as increasing its girth

How Does PeniMaster Pro Work?

A penis extender is typically worn on the male member. PeniMaster Pro is used the same way, except that it is more comfortable and a lot safer to use than other similar products. The results it offers are likewise more permanent in nature.

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Using simple principles of physics, the penis is made to undergo relentless but slight pressure for a certain period of time. Because of the constant pressure, the penis is forced into elongating. It is likewise straightened, eliminating penile curvature, if it exists in the first place. Similar to how crooked teeth are corrected, the male extender coerces the penis into growing longer and straighter.

To use the device, just insert your penis into the provided chamber. A ball pump then creates a vacuum when squeezed. The pressure is generated, stretching the muscles of the penis and holding them in place. With repetition, the penis will grow longer in time.

If you do not want to use the ball pump, you may opt to just manually suck on the device to generate the vacuum. However, you may find this position a bit awkward, although studies indicate that manual sucking creates more effective pressure that the ball pump.

Advantages and Cons


  • When coupled with exercise, the male extender can help produce more powerful and bigger erections.
  • Elder men will enjoy a significant boost in libido, and get rid of erection problems as well.
  • It can be worn for long stretches at a time as it is comfortable enough on the dick.
  • Approved and certified safe for use in different countries all over the world.
  • Obese men can stop worrying about penis shortening with regular use of the male extender.
  • An effective cure for penile curvature caused by Peyronie’s disease.
  • Treats premature ejaculation.
  • It provides a proportional increase in the length and girth of the penis.
  • Comprehensive product info can be found on the company’s website.


  • The product website is confusing; prospective buyers looking to know more about the product may get lost because of the difficulty to navigate the site.
  • You can find similar products on the market that are significantly more affordable.
  • Initial use may cause a bit of discomfort. This is natural, however, since there is no doubt that the male member is sensitive, in the first place. The unwanted sensation will eventually go away once the user has gotten used to wearing the device.

Discreet Shipping

Some guys are apprehensive about purchasing the product simply because other people might see it when the product is delivered. This is a non-issue since orders are shipped in a very discreet way.  The product is contained in an ordinary-looking box with no markings whatsoever that may give away its content. Not even your nosey neighbor will get an idea – unless you tell him yourself!


Other male extenders on the market come with a short warranty. Perhaps this is because they are not as confident about their products as the makers of PeniMaster Pro that comes with an amazing 3-year warranty.

If within the warranty period, you find any defective component in the product, just return it and a replacement will be sent immediately – without any additional cost to you.

Where Can I Order PeniMaster Pro?

The male extender device can be bought only at the official product website. While you may find other online vendors that boast about selling the product at a significantly lower price, don’t easily bite the offer. Chances are, you will only be getting a counterfeit product.

Are There Any PeniMaster Pro Discounts, Coupons or Freebies?

The company sometimes offers bonuses, gifts, and discounts for product purchases, and these are all announced on the official website. While the package contains various extras, these may not be deemed as gifts or bonuses since all these freebies are actually integral to the male extender.

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PeniMaster PRO Review: Final Verdict

By now, it should be obvious that PeniMaster Pro is a superior penis extender device, and one of the best today. It is scientifically proven to deliver what it promises: a bigger, and wider male member – safely and comfortably.

That is the primary reason it is still a top-selling brand. In addition, it comes with a long warranty period so it should be a logical choice for the long term.

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